Creative Images Using Simple White Balance Adjustments

I was flicking through the pile of photo mags that I’ve got stacked up waiting to be read and came across an article about using simple white balance adjustments to creativly enhance images. I thought it was an interesting idea so I thought I’d have a quick go to see if the simple adjustments could be used to take a flat, and fairly boring image, and make it interesting.

Here is the origianl image:


I then made a couple of adjustments, warming up and cooling down the white balance:



Finally, I loaded the cooled and warmed images into GIMP as different layers and mixed the two by adjusting the opacity. The base layer was the warmed image and the opacity of the cooled image was set to 80%. Here is the result:


Hopefully you’ll agree that by simply adjusting the WB of the original image, its possible to boost its interest in a fairly creative way.

Finally, here was an extere adjustment which I think demonstrates the potential power for creativly adjusting images:

UK Bahamas


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