Luminance HDR

This afternoon I’ve enjoyed going out to try and capture some landscape images close to home. Landscapes are something that I think is difficult to get right, and I certainly need a lot more practice. Most of my landscape images seem to lack interest.

Anyway, todays weather was providing some execellent sky images and I was getting great use out of my cicular poloriser (post to follow on that later in the week), but the sun light was quite strong causing large amounts of contrast. I’ve attempted to produce HDR images before to cope with the high levels of contrast but never been happy with the results.

Following today’s brief outing, I’ve tried downloading Luminance HDR. It’s open source (read free) software that seems to be quite good. I’ve not read any tutorials or information on how to use it yet but managed to produce some interesting images.

Below are two of the images. I’ll post further details of my experience with the software once I’ve had more chance to play with it.

Fairly Realistic Version

Harry Potter Style


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