Photography Club Print Competition

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve recently started attending meetings at a local photography club. My aim of going was to learn and develop from the experiences of other photographers and to enjoy sharing my photography with other like minded people. This week was my forth week and without doubt my most enjoyable session so far. In previous weeks, it’s basically been a review of other peoples photographs, two weeks of club member images and one week there was a visit from an external photographer presenting images from a coast to coast walk he had completed earlier in the year.

These meetings have been interesting, and they were enough to make me sign up for a years membership, but they weren’t quite forfilling everything I was hoping for. This week, however, was fantasic. It was the clubs first print competition of the year and I decided to just go for it and get two images entered.

Deciding to enter brought about a couple of new challenges immediately. Firstly, I needed to get my images printed. I bought a Cannon A4 printer earlier in the year with the intention of printing images but still hadn’t got round to trying it out. So, I got myself some good quality photo printing paper and got printing. In my opinion, the quality of the prints were excellent for a home printer and I was very happy.

Challenge number two: get the mounts to display the images. The club rules state that images must be mounted, but not framed, with a maximum mount size of 500mm*400mm. I had a quick look at mount cutters and card and in the end decided that I would just buy some mounts pre-cut for my first entries. I ordered the mounts from PictureLizard. I was happy with the mounts when they were delivered and I would use there services again, I just found them a little slow getting the mounts posted.

I was now all set to enter the competition. It was to be judged by Steve Kingswell. I was initially apprehensive about what the Judge would say about the entry as I had heard that they could be quite harsh.

This apprehension was completely unrequired with Steve judging. Through the night, all the images that he judged were given positive comments along with helpful and constructive critisum. Steve demonstrated that he has an excellent knowledge of photography which is further supported by the details on his website, well worth a look.

The images that I entered were:

The feed back for this image was that it was well framed and showing the breeze in the dogs fur. Attention should be given to the grass as it appears to have had the colours boost a little to high causing it to become unnaturally yellow.


This image was again considered well framed and the depth of field had been well used. However, the highlights need to be watched as areas, specifically the top of the cows horns, were over exposed.

I thought these comments were very fair and I really appreciated the feed back. Both images were scored 8.5/10 at a club class level which made me feel very proud.

In a few weeks the club will be hosting there first digital image competition which I’m already looking forward to. I hope that the next judge is as knowlegable as Steve and offers the same level of encouragement and critisium.


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