Bushtography Tries Street

Since reading Thomas Leuthard free ebooks on street photography I’ve been feeling massively inspired to go and give it a try.

The books really were interesting and insightful and they contained far more information than I can digest in one go. So, off I went this morning trying to follow as many of the Thomas’ tips as I could remember and probably breaking way more than I was following.

For a start I took my D7000, so the camera wasn’t conspicous even though I had tried to dress appropriately. I didn’t really have much choice because the only compact camera I have was 200 miles away with my soon to be wife on her hen do. I had the option of using the 50mm 1.8 that Thomas also uses but I decided to use the 17-50mm zoom instead. The reason I went for this lens was nerves. In the books, Thomas talks about Street photography “taking balls”. I wasn’t feeling confident so thought the fairly wide angle zoom would give me the option of not quite pointing the lens straight in peoples faces. The result is that I’ve had to quite heavily crop a lot of the images and I had a minimum apature of 2.8 instead of 1.8.

Whilst out shooting, I was having a ball and I’m fairly pleased with the results although I need lots of practise. I’ve chosen my favourites below and you can see the rest on Flickr. I don’t think street shots are for everyone, but I’d love to hear any comments.

End Of The Day

End Of The Day

Going Going

Going Going

Admire The View

Admire The View


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