Panning at Different Shutter Speeds

Using the same scene as previous exercise on Shutter Speeds with static position, this exercise was done with the camera being hand held and panned whilst taking shots.

Again, starting at 1 second and halving the exposure times up to the cameras maximum of 1/2000th second:

1 Second

1/2 Second

1/4 Second

1/8 Second

1/15 Second

1/30 Second

1/60 Second

1/125 Second

1/250 Second

1/500 Second

1/1000 Second

1/2000 Second

The vehicles in this series of images become Sharp at 1/60th second – a much slower shutter speed than the 1/500th second exposure when keeping the camera in a static position. Unlike the static exercise, people don’t become sharp because of panning.


The images taken using the panning technique look a lot better than when the camera was kept static. This was probably helped by it being a lot easier to keep the subject in the frame when panning.

The panned images above 1/60s have a static feel to them and are quite lifeless. My personal favourites are the 1/2 second and 1/8 second exposures because enough of the image has a level of sharpness to know what the subject is and they also have an enhanced sensation of speed (the image at 1/4s wasn’t very well captured).

The image at 1 second also has some appeal due to the different types of light and movement introduced by both the panning and long hand held exposure. A longer exposure could have created an interesting abstract image.


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