Fitting the Frame to the Subject

To start this exercise, I chose a sculpture being exhibited in a park. I saw the sculpture quite regularly whilst it was being exhibited and found it a really interesting piece of interactive art work.

The initial shot was taken without a great deal of thought as I approach the sculpture from a distance:

Initial View of Sculputre

Initial View

As I approach the sculpture, I then took an image trying to fill the frame as much as possible:

Filling The Frame

Filling The Frame

Continuing my approach, I got to a point where the frame of the next image was filled with a small part of the sculpture:

Getting in Close

Getting in Close

Finally, I retreated so that the sculpture would only form a small part of the image and some of the surrounding area give the image some context:

Showing the Environment

Showing the Environment

Reviewing the Images

The initial image has a very snapshot type feel to it and doesn’t really leaving me feeling interesting in the image, which given the subject shows that the image isn’t doing it justice. As I continued to move in towards the sculpture, I feel the images start to get more interesting but start to bring in different aspect. In order to fit the subject to the frame, I tilted the camera which in my opinion leaves the image feel uncomfortable to look at. The could be because as I concentrated on fitting the image to the top and bottom of the frame, and didn’t move round to try and get a better fit at the sides.

Cropping the image to fill the frame vertically and horizontally, so that the image is tightly cropped to the sculpture reduces the uncomfortable feeling and really makes the sculpture the focus of the image:

Tight Crop

Tight Crop

It’s also interesting to note that the square crop for this subject seems to work really well.

The cropped image seems to maintain a sense of the surroundings in a similar way to the image that includes the sculptures environment. However, the image that includes the environment has been nicely timed with someone walking through the sculpture which tells the story of this being a piece of art work for people to interact with and enjoy.

The image that is taken at the closest range and encompasses just a small section of the sculpture shows that it was possible to gain in interesting image without necessarily having the full context or being able to see all of the subject. This image offers some interesting patterns and shapes in an abstract manner.


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