A Sequence of Composition

The aim of the exercise was to capture the process of looking for “the image” of a given scene. Arriving at the scene, I started to capture images that normally wouldn’t have been taken but were to document the thought process.

The full series of images can be seen here:

Working through the series, my thought progression was as follows:

  1. First of all, I needed to look around the scene to try and identify the possible opportunities. This is shown in the first 12 images.
  2. Having looked all around the scene, I started to formulate the idea of showing a launch time scene in the city (see below). I wanted to show that people were busy so I started to change the camera settings in order to increase exposure times. From previous exercises, I knew I’d start to see blur (implying the movement) below 1/30 second for people walking.
  3. My next thought was that I felt that I wanted to get more into the scene and explore opportunities closer to the main points of action.
  4. Finally, I found a position that conveyed many different aspects of a lunch time scene and I was happy that I was in the correct position.

I feel that the best image I took was:

Telling a Story

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been reading the book The Photograph by Graham Clarke. The book has made me much more aware of how an image can be read and the “Connotative” and “Denotative” aspect of an image. Once I had decided to try and tell the story of a lunch time in the city, I started to really think about what I could use to show it was a lunchtime scene. The story is told with the following aspects:

  1. The numerous clocks are showing 1:15pm.
  2. The movement of people captured is showing that in a lunch hour, these busy workers have a limited time and have a need to get things done quickly. One man is walking and talking on is phone.
  3. The overall scene further enhances the the busyness of the scene by being so busy itself.
  4. Not everyone is in a rush. There are people sitting having there meals and a two people stopping to catch up with each other.

Using these points to tell the story has really worked in my opinion and I was very pleased with the final outcome.


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