Vertical and Horizontal Frames

A lot of images are taken in a landscape format but this is likely a result of comfort, cameras are designed to be help in a landscape orientation, and habit.

This exercise looks to investigate the portrait orientation. 20 images have been taken in a reasonably close area and then, within the same area, a further 20 images were taken using a landscape orientation.

Vertical Orientation

Horizontal Orientation


When I first started taking the vertical images, I was struggling to find subjects. This has emphasised the point that it is a habit of mind to take images in a horizontal format. Subconsciously, I seem to have sought out subjects that have an emphasise on hight.

Comparing the vertical images with the horizontal images, I feel like some of the vertical shots feel very static. Especially the first half of the vertical images. In the horizontal images, there appears to be more depth and generally a better balance. However, I feel this is a result of the majority of images I take being in a landscape format and not because the format itself doesn’t work as well. I have more practise at seeking out images and balance in a horizontal frame and feel that if I concentrate on my image selection when using a vertical frame, the resulting images will be of the same standard.


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