Positioning A Point

This is a brief exercise in positioning a single point in the frame, providing an explanation of why the position in the frame was chosen.

The position here was chosen to give the penguin room to move into the image. The point is clear as there is nothing else in the image.

In this image, although there is a reasonably large amount, the boat stands out as a point on it’s own. In order to emphasis the point, I wanted to position it close to the centre but in order for the image not to be completely static, not exactly centred. The slightly right of centre was again chosen to give the boat space to move into.

This image, again, needed room for the boat to move into, but I also needed to consider the balance of the image with the house and additional boat in the background to the left. These subjects combined form a larger area the the subject boat, so they were kept closer to the centre and the subject closer to the edge. The colour of the subject plays a large part in making the subject the point.


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