Horizontal and Vertical Lines

Horizontal and Vertical lines give an image a feeling of stability and are 2 of the three examples of straight lines that can be included in an image.

Examples of lines can be found just about anywhere, both natural and man-made. This exercise, looked at collecting 4 examples of each type of line without duplicating the subject. Also, the content of the image should subordinate to the line within the picture.

Vertical lines

The collection of tall trees close to the centre draw attention and form strong lines.

These lines were spotted in a hut made of bamboo. By getting low, the bamboo forming the seating lead vertically into the frame and merged straight into the vertical lines forming the sides of the hut.

Looking down on this path way, the vertical line extended straight upwards.

The collection of masts forms a collection of vertical lines.

Horizontal Lines

The fence provides solid examples of horizontal lines but this is further supported by the natural horizontal lines formed in the background.

There were a number of horizontal lines forming this image. To make sure the effectiveness of these lines weren’t lost, a close in view was needed so that other lines wouldn’t detract.

This simple image was from a moment of inspiration. As I worked along, I was seeing the lines of the paving tiles and looking how to make them work in the best way. Right at that moment, someone stood just where they needed to be.

Looking out to see provides a number of examples of natural horizontal lines.


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