Real and Implied Triangles

Objective: Produce two sets of triangular compositions in photographs, one using ‘real’ triangles, the other making ‘implied’ triangles.

Real Triangles


This image was selected to show a subject which itself is triangular. After looking for triangles explicitly for a short period of time, I started to frequently see them in many places. However, this single image felt like it contained a large collection of triangles of varying sizes.


This image is loosely demonstrating how a triangle can be created using perspective. By selecting a wide angle lens and looking upwards at a vertical subject, the verticals will start to converge towards the top of the image.


The intention of this image was to show an inverted triangle created by perspective. I have to be honest that creating this took me a while to work out and is ultimately why I have decided to use an image that doesn’t strongly show the intention but is the first image that I took when I realised how the inverted triangle can be created. In the image, the clouds at the top of the image have started to form the inverted triangle. Seeing this was when I realised that by using a wide angle lens and looking upwards at something parallel to the ground, the lines will converge going into the picture.



The creation of my first still life image was done in the Multiple points exercise. Having revisited the exercise, I felt that I was completely focused on a set of related points and didn’t create an interesting image. With the image above, I wanted to create a still life image that contained a triangle with the apex at the top but was also interesting. Looking at other still life images made me realise that my first still life attempt was missing any interesting lighting and also didn’t contain any depth. With this image, I feel that I produced an image that met the goal of producing a triangle but is also interesting.


Using the same still life principles but this time inverting the triangle produced this image. I feel I have successfully created an implied inverted triangle in an image that includes interesting lighting and contains some depth. However, the background on this image is a real let down. I needed something that would contrast with the black shaver guards and thought that layers of paper would work. This clearly wasn’t the case.


The final aim of this exercise was to arrange three people into a group in such a way that either their faces or the lines of their bodies make a triangle. I managed to create this image by shooting a father sitting on some stairs looking down at his daughter who was leaning back so that you could clearly see her face. Also, on the steps next to the father was another young girl looking down at the baby girl. This image hasn’t been included in the blog as the parents aren’t keen on having the childs pictures put on the internet and I wanted to respect this. Instead, I have illustrated the concept with these penguins.


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