Rhythms and Patterns

Objective: Produce at least two photographs, one should convey rhythm, the other a pattern.


As stated in Michael Freeman’s book “The Photographers Eye” – “Rhythm is a feature of the way the eye scans the picture as much as of the repetition. It is strongest when each cycle in the beat encourages the eye to move…”. I roughly had this statement, along with the description in the course notes, in mind when I took the image below:


Whilst in this church, I tried a number of different compositions starting with square to the wall. Because of the archways, the images included elements of repetition and had a certain level of visual beats but they initially felt very static and lacking a certain amount of interest. Using the knowledge of the previous exercises, I knew I could generate some dynamism into the image by changing the composition to include diagonal lines instead of the horizontal lines that I’d started with. This lead me to the image above which I think maintains the repetition but makes the rhythm more interesting.


Using the pattern design concept has been very interesting. I’ve come across a number of scenes where there are example of limited patterns and by ensuring that the patterns breaks the edge of the image, has created a stronger composition and a more interesting image. A strong example of this is below:



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