Controlling The Strength Of a Colour

This is the first exercise in the 3rd section of my OCA TAOP course. This section will be focusing on colour.

The aim of this exercise was to capture 5 images, all composed exactly the same but at different exposures, ranging from bright to dark.

Using a Christmas decoration I captured the series of 5 images below:






The second image in this series was the image that was determined as the “correct” exposure by the camera. The first image was taken at half a stop wider and the subsequent 3 images were taken at half stops narrower.

From the series, it starts to demonstrate that it is not only the brightness of the red that is being effected by the exposure adjustment but also the colour saturation. As the exposure is being reduced, the saturation is increasing.

With this series of exposures, I didn’t feel the effect was clearly shown so I decided to repeat the exercise but to use a full stop difference in the exposures:






With the series, I think there is a clearer difference in the saturation difference.


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