Assignment 3 – Colour, Tutor Feedback

Below is the feedback from my Tutor for my third OCA TOAP assignment focusing on the use of colour. The original submission can be seen here.

Overall Comments

Thank you for sending me your next assignment, Ian. You are really working hard on the course.

Feedback on assignment

Elements to consider with your assignments:

The colour assignment asks you to take photographs to demonstrate the various relationships between colours and including colour contrast, harmony through similar colours, complementary colours and colour accents.

Your assignment in connection with the above points

You have chosen to work with a combination of still life and found subject matter for this assignment and this has worked very well for you allowing you to think very careful about aspects of colour across the frame. Working on location is a useful way of familiarizing yourself with colour considerations while working in still life gives you scope to be creative.

Complementary Colours

All of your examples for complementary colours work very well, with little distraction from opposing colours appearing in the frame. The blue/ orange example is nice and strong. The green is not really visible here and doesn’t impose on the result. The green is more prominent in your violet/ yellow picture, creating more of a contrast affect.

Similar Colours

You have worked hard with similar colours working in a number of different creative ways to achieve your result. The still life examples are nice and strong visually and it is lovely to see this level of experimentation from you to achieve your results. I would like to see a ‘cool’ example arrived at using two or more colours alongside each other on the colour wheel. Blues and greens, or blues and violets can work well for this to give a beautiful feel of colour harmony.

Contrasting Colours

Your images give a good demonstration of colour contrast. The results are bright and bold which is exactly what you want here.

Colour Accent

Colour accent is a great tool to draw your eyes to a particular point in the frame, and hence really emphasize your subject matter. Too many points and the eye is left wandering around the frame unsure which area to rest attention on. In this respect the fish is the best example. The eye is drawn automatically to your point of interest. The blue scene picture with splashes of green could perhaps equally be used for colour harmony through similar colours.

Summary/ Pointers for future work

In this assignment you have started to think about the complexities of working with colour. I am pleased that you have found this work beneficial and feel sure that you will now be able to take this information and apply it to your future work. The next assignment asks you to think about different ways of lighting your subject to create variable results. I look forward to seeing you develop your ideas to demonstrate your creativity.

Learning Logs

You have started to add some research to your blog now. This is definitely an area to build on before sending through your next assignment. Include a few photographic examples if you can and talk about the impact these have on you.

The grey text is not very clear against the black background and font size is quite small. I struggled a bit with larger pieces of text and it may be worth trying to create a better contrast for ease of reading.


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