Judging Colour Temperature – Pt2

The 3 sets of 3 images below have been taken using Cloudy, Sun and Auto white balance settings.

ColourTempPt2-9 ColourTempPt2-8 ColourTempPt2-7

Due to the sunny day that this image was taken, the auto and sun white balances are very similar. However, the image I prefer is the cloudy image. The warmth of the image is far more pleasing in my opinion.

ColourTempPt2-6 ColourTempPt2-5 ColourTempPt2-4

These images were taken on the same sunny day. However, in this situation I feel the cloudy image is to warm and feels unnatural. The difference between the Sun and the Auto images is also slightly more noticeable. In this situation, I prefer the auto image.

ColourTempPt2-2 ColourTempPt2-1 ColourTempPt2-3

Again, with these image, the cloudy setting is to warm and unnatural and there is a slight difference between the Sun and Auto settings. However, with this set of images, I’m torn between the auto and sun images. With the Sun image, I feel the street looking warmer and more inviting but the sky is which and the blue isn’t really showing through. With the auto image, the reverse is true – the sky is more pleasing but the street looks to cold.

Final Thought

These 3 sets have shown how different WB settings can effect a scene and, like with exposure, auto isn’t always going to get it right.


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