Variety With a Low Sun

This exercise is looking at different lighting effects that we can get from a low sun:


Back Lighting: With the light behind the subject, we’re starting to get a silhouetted image. However, this image clearly shows one of the negative effects that can be experienced when shooting towards the sun – lens flare.


Side Lighting: Here, the light is striking the side of the car and producing a long shadow. I think this is an interesting effect and nicely captures the subject.


Frontal Lighting: With this time of lighting, the subject is well lit, but the shadows aren’t as strong. With the shape of the subject here, it is working ok, but for other subjects, care might be needed to ensure the image isn’t to flat.



Edge Lighting: To capture this image, I had to position the car in just the right place. A tree blocked most of the light coming through with just enough light coming through to light the edges of the car.

Final Thoughts

With just 4 images taken when the light is at a relatively low angle, it’s been shown the a variety of interesting lighting affects can be demonstrated.


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