The Lighting Angle

The aim of this assignment is to investigate the affect of a diffused light at different angles to a static subject. The light used was a basic table lamp and the diffuser was a plain sheet of white paper.


Horizontal – Front.


This reveal all the detail of the object but makes it appear flat and doesn’t show the objects form.

Horizontal – Side. 


This image is showing a mixture of detail and shape but I still don’t think it is revealing form.

Horizontal – Towards the Back. 


This image almost entirely shows shape and is close to being a silhouette. Revealing only a slight amount of additional detail could be a useful technique but I don’t think it works well for this subject.

Horizontal – Back


This is completely revealing the images silhouette. No detail of the image can be seen other than its outline. I like how the shadow is being cast with this lighting.

45 Degrees – Front


Having raised the lighting, the images form is becoming much more evident.

45 Degrees – Side


Lighting from the side at 45 degrees has worked much better for this subject that the image taken horizontally. The form is more evident, as above, but the face of the object is better revealed whilst the lower parts are in stronger shadow.

45 Degrees – Toward the back


The result here isn’t to surprising. The angle is only revealing a little detail, as with the horizontal shot at this angle. However, there is more of a hint of the objects form than with the horizontal lighting.

45 Degrees – Back


The lighting here produces very similar results to the image above but the small amount of detail is in a different position.

Directly overhead


This lighting position is interesting. Had the subject been a real person, I don’t think it would have been very flattering. There is a strong contrast with the amount of light on the top of the object when compared with the bottom and any detail has caused strong shadows.

Overhead and slightly in front


This is an improvement on the image above. The shadows aren’t quite as strong and the objects form is clearly being shown.

Overhead and slightly behind


This lighting has produced a very interesting result. There are small hints of detail around the top of the subject but the base of the object is is silhouetted showing its shape.

Final Thoughts

All the different lighting positions reveal varying amounts of shape and form of the object. For demonstrating the form, or 3 dimensional state of the object, I think the overhead shots have worked best with this subject but from looking at the 45 degree shots, something in the 60-70 degree angle would have been the optimum.

My two preferred lighting positions are the 45 degree lighting from the side and the lighting overhead but slightly behind. With the 45 degree side lighting, the shadows reveal a nice hint of detail without being to strong and show the object really well. The lighting from above but slightly behind feels like it could produce a more creative image. If the background was black I can picture a very nice low key image using this lighting.


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