Evidence Of Action

This exercise involved producing a single image that demonstrated illustration.

Alcohol can lead to dark and lonely places.

Alcohol can lead to dark and lonely places.

At it’s most basic, this image is attempting to demonstrate a spillage, however, I wanted the image to have a more subtle meaning. Starting with the choice of a wine glass, I wanted this to link the viewer back to an alcoholic drink that has been knocked over. Then, using a wide aperture to give a narrow depth of field, I wanted to achieve a look that leaves a lot of the slightly out of focus as if the view is looking through drunken eyes.

Finally, the exposure was been set to make the image low key and it has been processed to have a very high level of contrast in order to achieve a dark and moody feel. All these effects combined have been intended to illustrate the negative aspects of alcohol.

Thinking about this image, I wanted to think about the symbolism of not just the objects in the image but also the processing of the image.

Note:No alcohol was wasted in the production of this image 🙂


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