Assignment 5 – Illustration and Narrative, Image Selection

Having planned the images I was going to take for this assignment and captured them, I needed to filter them down into a collection that would give the narrative of the day. As was mentioned in the course notes, reducing the number of images can often be a difficult task in itself and I decided it was a good idea to include this part of the process in my write up.

I started out taking the collection of images down to the ones I was most happy with and then I organised them into the narrative elements I had intended to capture, excluding time, illustration images that were intended for the front cover image and then others that I felt appropriate to capture at the time. The reason for excluding time was that I felt all the images could contribute to this part of the narrative.

Illustration Images

Assignment5-1 Assignment5-21 Assignment5-11

The first two images were captured specifically with the intention of using them as illustration images. The first image is a simple statement that this is a classic car. However, with the second image, the message is a little more subtle but I feel it has a better illustration of the event as a whole – that the classic car show has cars from different periods in time. Finally, I included the image with the sign as a candidate for the illustration image because it makes a very obvious statement that this is what all the images are about, even though it wasn’t initially intended to be used as a cover image.

Car Developments – new and old

Assignment5-23 Assignment5-13 Assignment5-7 Assignment5-2

The new vs old images have captured there intent however, in the groupings I’ve used to present the images in this post, I don’t think they’re working together. This is an interesting point and for the final image selection, I really need to be careful that the images work together.

Car Parts – Close up details

Jag B for Bentley Assignment5-22 Assignment5-20
Assignment5-19 Assignment5-18 Assignment5-17

The car parts part of the narrative was always going to provide plenty of scope with this event and I wanted it to continue with the new and old images being captured.


Assignment5-16 Assignment5-14 Assignment5-6 Assignment5-3 Assignment5-12

Photographing people is not an area of photography that I have practised and certainly not photographing strangers. Other than the image of the man checking the oil in his engine, all the other people were captured without me interacting with them. However, for the man checking his oil, I managed to build the confidence to approach him and ask if he minded me photographing him. He was happy for me to do so and continued with what he was doing. This was probably one of my single biggest achievements with the exercise and something I was proud to have done.


Capel Car Show 2 Capel Car Show 1

In the assignment planning, I had discussed the idea a wider image of the show to show context of what was happening. However, with the image that I had used, It was very busy with all the cars and the people. An idea I had was to use a long exposure to blur the people, leaving the focus on the cars but to still have the people evident in the image. I was pleased with how these images came out.

Assignment5-25 Assignment5-5 Assignment5-4

These three images were captured because they have a story of there own with the history of the vehicle. I captured the three as I thought they would work well with extending the concept of time in the overall narrative.


This image was captured to provide greater detail and context to the image of the man inspecting car parts.

Final Thoughts

With the set of images above, I feel that I’ve appropriately captured the event and have enough material to tell a narrative of the show. Organising and presenting the images in the was I have chose here though will not work well for the final article. I think presenting them in these categorise presents breaks in the story that doesn’t work.

Taking that into account, my chosen layout for the magazine article will be based mostly around the timing of the event:

  1. Cover Image – The reflection of the new car in the body of the old car
  2. People arriving in there cars
    • The car arriving at the show
    • The man checking his oil
  3. The cars available a the show and people interacting with them.
    • The series of minis
    • The DMC Delorean’s with the other cars in the background
    • The man shopping for the car parts
    • The close up of the key rings
  4. New vs Old
    • The close up of the Jaguar
    • The close up of the Bentley ‘B’
    • The story of the car rebuilt
  5. A greater overview of everything going on
    • The long exposure with the cars
    • The long exposure with the military vehicles

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