Assignment 5 – Illustration and Narrative, Planning

The objective of assignment 5 is to produce a series of images that illustrate a story for a magazine, including a cover illustration and several pages inside. The theme of the assignment is very open and any suitable subject which has a narrative element is deemed appropriate.

Choosing the Theme

After deliberation, the theme I’ve decided to use is that of a fairly local classic car show. I chose this as, after some investigation, I felt I could picture in my mind a narrative with specific elements that I thought could be well represented with images.

The narrative elements I was going to try and include were:

  • Time – people would be arriving at the event, preparing there cars and then interacting with the event as a whole. This was something that was specifically mentioned in the assignment and had been causing some problems with previous ideas.
  • Car developments – I pictured this having an interesting association with time. From looking at the events website, It was obvious that classic car’s weren’t restricted to old cars but that there was a mix of old and new.
  • Car detail – The cars at the show would be exposing detail that isn’t normally seen in every day life. A lot of the cars would have there bonnets raised to reveal the well cared for engines underneath.
  • People – Although this was the last narrative element I considered, I decided it would be one of the most important parts of the narrative. Being a car event, I imagined it would be easy to really focus in the on the vehicles and, although this would be able to form a narrative, it would be weak without people. The event was going to be a show and a show without people there to enjoy it would be pointless.

As part of choosing the narrative elements I was going to include, I thought it was important to make the decision of the audience I was going to target with the magazine article. The two choice I felt I had were either a local magazine or a car magazine. Making the choice between these two intended audiences would give a weighting to the narrative elements. E.g. for a local magazine, being read by local people, representing car detail would be much less important than if the audience was for a car magazine being read by car enthusiasts with no real interest in the local area.

For the assignment, I decided I was going to produce an article targeted as something for a car magazine. The choice was made purely for personal interest as I am a car fan.

Idea’s and Inspiration

Having considered what is was I wanted to captured conceptually, I did some research as to the kind of images others had produced when attending car shows:

An image showing people engaging with a car show whilst also setting the scene and context.

I liked this image as it captures the event really well. It’s showing a lot of the show and capturing the people at the event. However, I also feel the image is very busy and I’m finding that my eye is drifting around the image looking for a focal point. This gave me some areas to consider:

  • The show is going to be busy and isolating subject may be difficult.
  • Having a wider image is working well to describe the show more holistically and it’s good to see people engaging with the show but combined, it can produce a distracting image.

A Car showing detail and being inspected.

This image is beginning to capture more detail of a car and shows the kind of opportunities that will be available a the show. Something that struck me about this image is the lighting. The timing of the show is obviously close to mid day because the shadows are short and the contrast is high.  The show that I was to attend began at 11am so I would be facing similar problems as this image.

Close up of an old fashion police car grill.

Seeing this image made me thing about the cover illustration for the assignment. Being this close shows some really interesting detail and I feel it is a strong illustration, possibly for an article about police cars.

The image also made me consider the format of the magazine article. I thought it could be possible to create a landscape orientated article but this would be strange and would certainly go against convention.


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