This exercise is purely a thought exercise to explore symbols. For a list of subjects, I needed to consider more than one symbol I would photograph to represent that subject and note down how I might use that symbol. The subjects are growth, excess, crime, silence and poverty.

After thinking about how I might produce an image, I then decided to search Flickr for images that were close to the image I had in my mind. This in itself has been a really interesting exercise. None of the images I was able to find were, unsurprisingly, like the ones I had imaged but it was often possible to find something that had a similar theme or representation using a similar symbol.


  • Plants/Flower in early spring – Early spring is clearly about nature coming back to life after the winter. Hear, I’d be looking for something like a bulb or plant starting to poke through the earth. To try and emphasise the season, the lighting would be important and I would try and use a scene where the ground was frosted but the sun was shining through strongly early in the morning.
  • Small child walking in an adults shoes – I would try and keep this image as simple as possible to just show a child looking down as they stand in a pair of adult shoes.

Example of Growth.

Mother and daughter in high heel shoes


  • Obese person eating large amounts of food – The main symbol would be a large serving of food, supported by an obese person in the background.
  • Drunk surrounded by lots of alcohol bottles or tins – Here, the person would be clearly drunk and passed out on the floor, possibly surronded by there own vomit.

Example of Excess


  • Somebody being handcuffed with clear signs of police flashing lights – the main symbol would be a handcuffed pair of hands with someone else restraining them. To support the symbol, I would use blue lights in the background to show this is the police.
  • Youths in hoody or balaclavas – A group of youths with covered faces either being violent towards others or causing damage.

Rochdale VortexExample of Crime.

Example of Crime.


  • Someone on there own, praying in a church – The image would be large showing an empty church with a single person sat with there head down.
  • A school teacher with her fingers to her lips – The main focus would be on the teachers finger to her lips but in the background children would clearly be giving her there full attention.



  • Someone homeless rummaging eating something they’ve found in a bin – This would clearly show someone unable to support themselves.
  • Someone in a shelter with an old, crumpled, news paper – this would show someone who doesn’t have the means to provide themselves with basic accommodation and is being deprived of access to information.

Tramp /Ex Banker? Migrant bin rumaging in London